7 Helpful After Effects Plugins For Your Workflow

Wanna get a faster workflow in After Effects? I’ve gathered some cool plugins for ya. We’ve used After Effects for various things whether it’s for product, ui, vfx, animation, etc. And having a fast workflow is essential to get us from point A to B.

Ease Copy

Ever had a situation where you try to copy an easing of a certain set of keyframes? Well with Ease Copy, you can easily do that without using the graph editor.


There are times where I want to sequence each layer at different times. With Rift, you can save valuable time from moving the layers one by one.


To the ones who use Adobe Illustrator then animating the shapes in After Effects, you need to import your .ai file then turn the layers into shape layers. Well with Overlord, you can easily import the shapes from Illustrator to After Effects.


True Comp Duplicator

There are times where we want to make different versions of a composition. But the problem we face here is that sometimes, there are pre-compositions in that duplicated composition that we need to edit. And once we edit it, the changes apply to all the compositions that have that specific pre-composition. With True Comp Duplicator, it duplicates your composition along with the pre-composition giving you the flexibility to work on that composition without screwing over the other ones.


Reposition Anchor Point

It’s pretty self-explanatory with its name. With just clicking a button, you can change the position of the anchor point, even with multiple layers at once!


Before you add this to your workspace, I recommend you to get familiar with the speed and value graph first since you’ll get to understand more about how easing works and Flow will just speed up the process.



To anyone working on UI animations, with AEUX you can import your Figma/Sketch layers to After Effects just like how Overlord works.

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